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We've Taught 1000s of Business Owners How to Use Facebook Ads For Massive ROI
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Successful Ads Club is a coaching and support membership for testing and scaling Facebook Ads. We take the pain out of the process and teach a proprietary and proven system for maximum growth at a fast-track pace.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, brick-and-mortar business, online operation, coach, or service provider, we empower you to master your lead generation.

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Let Me Guess Why You're Here

(we're so glad you are!)

I’m gonna guess that at least one of the following fits your marketing and sales dilemma(s):

  • You have a killer program or product, but no one knows about it yet.

  • You’re throwing mega money at the wall in Facebook Ads (and more), and nothing sticks.

  • You can't get your ads approved on Facebook.
  • You know your audience, but your Facebook Ads targeting doesn’t seem to be working.

  • You’ve hired an Ads Manager and, well, you’re here — So, that wasn’t a good fit.

  • You’ve been dabbling in Facebook Ads, built a lander, and you’re ready to go, but you have no idea how to scale up.

This list could go on.

Do any of these resonate?

Successful Ads Club teaches you the formula that multi-million dollar businesses use today to gain rapid-fire monster leads.

This is the very same system that costs these businesses $25K and up to learn. Now, we’re sharing it with small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches—You name it because it is SIMPLE, MANAGEABLE, and PROFITABLE for anyone at any size!
We are all about cash-in-hand, darlin’. Our goal is to get you up and running (more like a sprint) so that you can quickly learn our proprietary tried-and-true system for setting up, testing, and executing ads.
We have your back.

We're An Extension of Your Business

We're suckers for success, so we want this for you.

Show us your ads. Get copy reviewed. Get landing pages reviewed. Build a sales pipeline. Flesh out your customer experience. We’ll troubleshoot, teach you our system, and support you as you scale up and take over the world.

We’re going to show you how to turn Facebook Ads into your own 24/7 sales and marketing team—A team that continues to pump out quality content as you watch the conversions roll in.

Are you ready?

Build your list and your brand with Successful Ads Club.

I Want This Support.

"I would highly recommend Successful Ads Club for anyone looking to get started with ads, fast-track to bypass their competition and succeed in the online advertising game without wasting costly time and money."

Carolin Soldo, The Fairy Godmother of Coaches

What You Get Inside The Club

We've boiled it down. Fine tuned the process. And, we're sharing the secret sauce. We’re pretty much the Facebook Ads unicorn you have been searching for ...

The Successful Ads System

Facebook algorithms? We're on that. We'll teach you everything from installing the pixel and split-testing creative to targeting your ideal audience (and much more). 

And, because we like to keep it fresh, we continually add new content to supplement Facebook developments and new strategies.

Insane Support In The Private Facebook Group

We'll be in there every business day answering your questions and helping you get the most out of your ads.

The bonus? You'll never meet a more intelligent community of business owners who are rapidly scaling their empires.

Daily Office Hours!

Need to trouble-shoot? ready for some scaling strategy? Join our daily Q&A call for individual support.

Bring your campaigns, your metrics, your offers, and everything that you need help with, and we'll review it for you.

+ Special Guests: The industry's top experts taking your questions.

Feel the love.

Within days of joining Successful Ads Club, members see massive improvement in their results after implementing our unique testing protocol.

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Who are our members?

It doesn't take an expert or a techie to be a Facebook Ads wizard. It just takes a passion for growing your business one ad at a time.

Some of our members include:
  • Online Business Owners
  • Brick-and-Mortar Businesses
  • Course Creators
  • Coaches
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Direct Sales + Network Marketers
  • Bloggers, Influencers and "Mediapreneurs"
  • Store Owners
  • Medical Practices (Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors)
  • Spa Owners (Aestheticians, Day Spa, and Med Spa Owners)
  • Holistic Practitioners (Healers, Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, etc.)
  • Service Providers (Copywriters, Designers, Developers, etc.)
  • Seasoned CEOs and Brilliant Professionals
  • Realtors and Other Sales Professionals

"Thanks to Tara & her team for showing me how powerful Facebook ads could be, I am proud to say that I have created and grown a Facebook group of over 17,000 members and I have generated over $80,000 selling my online courses all thanks to Facebook Ads."

Daniela Weorner, Retail Sales + Marketing Strategist for Aesthetic Professionals

What's The Next Step?

Let's get down to the nuts and bolts.

"Tara Zirker and her team really know their stuff. She's amazing to work with, data-driven and one of her superpowers is translating what you know into effective ad copy that lands and connects with people."

Destinee Berman, Founder + CEO of Launch Your Calling

Heck, we have hundreds of these.

We can't help it. People talk.

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Meet Tara Zirker, Founder + CEO of Successful Ads Club

Tara's agency manages $5M dollars per year in Facebook Ads budget. They work with some of the hottest online entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and brick-and-mortar businesses. Now she teaches hundreds of business owners how to master their own lead generation with incredible results within days of beginning the program.

Let's Do This.

"Tara and her team have been an ABSOLUTE DREAM! They’ve been pivotal in our company’s growth this year, from strategy to ad management, we’ve seen 40% growth in our email list and revenue in just a few months."

Jordan Dooley, SoulScripts Founder

"Zip! That's how quickly Tara and her team cleared the noise for me. She took me through setting up my very first ad to how to optimize it in one session."

Brandon Sobatka, International Speaker

"Working with Tara has made the wild Wild West of the internet—where you have no idea where the gold is, or how to find it so EASY. Her team, her integrity and her brilliance has allowed my business to flourish beyond my wildest expectations."

Debra Silverman, Astrologer, Psychotherapist, and Writer

"In my first month working with the team, I was able to 3X my monthly income."

Robin Long, CEO, The Balanced Life

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