Scale your business through advertising like never before.

Successful Ads Club is your home for paid advertising success. We offer world class training & unparalleled live daily support. You will learn our play by play strategy, which comes from spending 10’s of millions on advertising online and generating many tens of millions more in real revenue. We take the pain out of the process and teach our proprietary and proven system so you can succeed with advertising. Whether you want to get better results, scale your business through advertising, or just get started with ads – we’re here for you.

Tara Zirker,
Founder, Successful Ads Accelerator


Record-breaking results, revenue, and profit. We guarantee it.

Go from getting mediocre results to…bringing in record-breaking leads, revenue, and profit!

Tired of getting dismal results from your online ad spend?

We’re in the trenches daily, and have a strong understanding of what’s working today, and what will work for you.

Go through our proprietary training, learn the system, and get the personalized 1:1 help you need from our coaches.

Imagine going from….

“Just throwing ads up there” and hoping that they work…

  • …To working with our coaches one on one to get a personalized strategy and structure for your ads.
  • We offer concrete solutions from seriously experienced Facebook & Instagram advertising experts (again, who are OBSESSED with your results!)
  • You’ll get Immediate access to Facebook ads mentors and coaches who care about your results and commit to your success.

Are you stuck in the dark about what’s currently working?

With Successful Ads Accelerator you will immediately get access to strategy, mentors and coaches who are on the front lines when it comes to what’s new, what’s coming out, and how to run profitable campaigns.

We’ve got your back. Hand Icon

How about that algorithm change recently. Anyone? Anyone?

We found the fix in record time and our members are now cruising past their competition (who are still stuck trying to find out why ads aren’t working like before). And best part, they’re getting never before seen results on their accounts. What would that do for YOUR business?


"I already have two salesPray

I’m in phase 1 of testing and I only spent $5/ad, per day. This is HUGE for me considering I’ve ran ads before with no purchases. Thanks Tara Zirker and team!

Kesha Griffin

"Lead Costs have been cut in half!

First I want to say, wow, thank you! After binge watching all the videos and getting tips from this group, I already brought my cost per lead down from $1/lead to under $.50 in one weekend!”

Natalie Masson

"I can’t reduce to just one thing! I’m so grateful for you Tara Zirker.

Thanks for helping me to get back on track with my ad. There are so many people showing up with all the different pieces of the puzzle of making this business work and I am so grateful for all of them!

Sarah Vedeler

"Cost per result for the ad is now at $3.08!!

The landing page is converting at 36%! Thanks so much for all the guidance!! I must remember to tell everyone here on SAC… Trust the process… Trust the process!”

Nicole Schauder

"I’m really starting to enjoy the learning process of marketing on FB.

Learning what works and how to make my marketing work, and it’s also become a bit fun.”

Douglas Taurel

"Wanted to reach out and thank the Successful Ads Club team for all your hard work.

And honestly for designing a business plan that was accessible for someone like me who really wanted to learn and understand that it’s all a very long and patient journey and just wanted some guidance but didn’t currently have thousands of dollars to pay someone.”

I’m really thankful for this team and your expertise and feel like I’m going to be a member of this club for a very long time because there’s a never ending amount to know.

Appreciate you guys and your hard work.”

Sarah Weikart

"I really can’t thank you enough Tara Zirker. Your expertise and education has blessed me so greatly!

And your staff has been so helpful and helped me with breakthrough after breakthrough! Truly, you have no idea how much I am grateful for you and the services you provide.”

Kimberly Henny

Get Live, Hands-On Support Daily From The Worlds Sharpest Facebook & Instagram Ads Marketers.

Each team member has been hand-selected for their brilliant wealth of knowledge, depth of experience, specialties, and their ability to give direction clearly and kindly. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook & Instagram ads every month… and would normally charge around $500/hour for a consult.

We don’t mean to brag, but our team is legendary…

Meet Tara Zirker, Founder + CEO of Successful Ads Club

Tara’s agency manages $5M dollars per year in Facebook Ads budget. They work with some of the hottest online entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Now she teaches hundreds of business owners how to master their own lead generation with incredible results within days of beginning the program.

Our founder, Tara, is a digital advertising OG with a tremendous track record– even Facebook has taken a page out of our playbook! 

Tara’s hand-selected team comprises the TOP 10% of Meta media buyers who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads every month.
While the team would normally charge around $500/hour for a consult, you’ll direct get access to them inside Successful Ads Accelerator.

And Meet Our Legendary Team –
who is here to help you daily with all things FB Ads…

When you join Successful Ads Accelerator, you get everything mentioned above, and so much more.

The world’s #1 resource to get in-depth, hands-on support from some of the world’s best Facebook & Instagram marketers.

Whether you want feedback on your ad campaigns, funnels, strategy, processes, or what to do next, our team is there to help you. Every day.

"I would highly recommend Successful Ads Club for anyone looking to get started with ads.

fast-track to bypass their competition and succeed in the online advertising game without wasting costly time and money.”

Carolin Soldo, The Fairy Godmother of Coaches

"Tara Zirker and her team really know their stuff. She's amazing to work with.

Data-driven and one of her superpowers is translating what you know into effective ad copy that lands and connects with people.”

Destinee Berman, Founder + CEO of Launch Your Calling

"Thanks to Tara & her team for showing me how powerful Facebook ads could be.

I am proud to say that I have created and grown a Facebook group of over 17,000 members and I have generated over $80,000 selling my online courses all thanks to Facebook Ads.”

Daniela Weorner, Retail Sales + Marketing Strategist for Aesthetic Professionals

You’re probably here because you know “likes” and “engagement” don’t pay the bills…

You need real results. And you’re ready to finally have confidence in your own ability to profitably run Facebook & Instagram ads… and SCALE your business.


Here’s the thing.

There’s no “A-Z course”, YouTube video, blog post or podcast that’s going to save your ad campaigns because piecing together random bits of information isn’t practical.

It’s time consuming, exhausting, and rarely gets you the results you want… if ever.

Whether you’re running ads for your own business (or running ads for clients), the ability to profitably run Facebook & Instagram ads is KEY to scaling your business.

And even though you’ve been trying every form of Facebook ads “help”:

Chat Support...

Facebook Ads...

Online Courses...




The reality is… you still feel stuck.

And you know what?

It’s almost always expensive or a waste of time.

And that “Facebook ads expert” you hired for $2K-$3K/month? …Spent thousands on a campaign that pulled in engagement and likes, sure. Maybe a few emails. But profit?


Ouch. I know.

We’ve talked with LITERALLY hundreds of businesses who have been burned by ads managers who didn’t understand how to get YOUR business results. Most of them don’t know online business and funnels the way we do. If they did, you would have seen different results.


So, if you’re ready to be done with failed launches, expensive leads, and zero conversions…..

You’ll L-O-V-E the PERSONALIZED SUPPORT―from a comprehensive team of ROI-obsessed ads experts who actually care about your results.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you join Successful Ads Accelerator.

"Tara and her team have been an ABSOLUTE DREAM!

They’ve been pivotal in our company’s growth this year, from strategy to ad management, we’ve seen 40% growth in our email list and revenue in just a few months.”

Jordan Dooley, SoulScripts Founder

"Zip! That's how quickly Tara and her team cleared the noise for me.

She took me through setting up my very first ad to how to optimize it in one session.”

Brandon Sobatka, International Speaker

"Working with Tara has made the wild Wild West of the internet—where you have no idea where the gold is, or how to find it so EASY.

Her team, her integrity and her brilliance has allowed my business to flourish beyond my wildest expectations.”

Debra Silverman, Astrologer, Psychotherapist, and Writer

"In my first month working with the team, I was able to 3X my monthly income."

Robin Long, CEO, The Balanced Life

There are a few clear factors that determine whether a campaign is a huge success or a total failure… to know that, you need a world-class training that takes the pain out of learning this machine, and teaches you how to test so you don’t give Facebook and Instagram a single penny more than they deserve, and support as often as you need it (we offer it daily!)



Having support with the key elements of your campaign means you won’t be left guessing for solutions that end in costly disappointment ever again. 

The fastest way to get a campaign back on track is to have an experienced expert (who is in the trenches every day and knows what works TODAY!) work with you to address bottlenecks.

…Whether that’s a potential pixel issue, poor strategy, or just soft stats that are out of whack.

There’s just no substitute for 1-1 human help (with someone who knows what they’re talking about because they’ve spent millions already doing what you’re trying to) when it comes to making your Facebook & Instagram ads profitable.

That’s why you still feel lost after taking other Facebook ads training and reading your upteenth blog post… the online homework and written content aren’t enough to fully implement.

You need someone to have a REAL consultation with. Someone who can look at your ads and tell you the best strategy to keep you on track. Someone who can get you going again…FAST!

Picture this…

You’re staring at your ad account wondering How can I scale? Every time I raise my budgets, my costs rise like crazy…”

But, since you’ve already enrolled into the offer at the bottom of this page…

…instead of being overwhelmed, you feel confident knowing you get daily support and the problem- solving that you actually need.

You show us exactly what’s been going on 
in your account, and we give you a concise, step-by-step process on how to fix your problems. Boom. You’re scaling like a pro and new business is flooding into your company.

Here’s What Next Level Facebook
& Instagram Ads Support Looks Like
When you join Successful Ads Accelerator.

When you join Successful Ads Accelerator, you’re getting so much more than just another online membership.

1:1 Support at Every Level 

1:1 support at each and every level of training from our expert coaches. Consider our team your close business buddy – who owns a world-class advertising agency and loves to see you succeed.


Extensive Facebook Ads Training Library

Immediate access to our A-Z how-to run-amazing-ads-that-get-results training so you can achieve a steady stream of high-intent customers and clients into your business. We make learning Facebook & Instagram ads as simple & easy as possible. You’ll learn how to create profitable ad campaigns from start to finish (from pixels, audiences, optimization,metrics, and more)…

Including our proprietary, proven method to test, optimize and scale without leaving any money on the table.

It doesn’t matter what your business is. This system works.

Checkpoints and Reviews 

 Checkpoints and reviews to ensure you're set up for success each step of the way and feel confident in knowing how to do your own lead generation effectively.

Mentor Expert Calls

Featuring top experts from different industries to share their knowledge with YOU.

The 'Scoop' Calls

You’ll stay in the loop with what’s working now and the latest updates.

We’ll take you behind the scenes of our $14 million+ revenue generating campaigns, and show you, step-by-step, how to turn Facebook Ads into your own 24/7 sales and marketing team—that continues to generate quality leads as you watch the conversions roll in.



I’m already familiar with Facebook ads. Will this membership help me?

Yes! You’ll learn our unique proprietary, proven system for testing and scaling ads so that you don’t leave a single penny on the table. Within days of joining Successful Ads Accelerator, members see massive improvement in their results after implementing our unique testing protocol. You’ll also get access to daily LIVE support with our team, guest speaker calls, and TONS of fresh content to take your business to the next level.

Will this be "too basic" for me?

Some of the world’s BEST Facebook & Instagram experts make up this custom-built support crew to ensure that even the most advanced Facebook & Instagram expert will constantly be learning new tricks and strategies.

Can you help me train my team?

Sign your staff or team members up for SAC and we will essentially take care of their training, questions, and support off your hands! You’ll be free to focus on building your revenue.

Is Successful Ads Club a good fit for me?

If you want to gain knowledge and training on how to run Facebook & Instagram ads for a business (either your own or a client’s)… YES!

I don’t live in the US, will I receive the same amount of value/will I be able to join the calls?

We always try to cover as many time zones as possible! We also post call replays that you can watch anytime.

Skip the heartache and stress, avoid costly campaign pitfalls, ensure maximum campaign ROAS, and solve sticky situations in a fraction of the time by tapping into your very own Dream Team and world-class training on how to do ads without wasting a cent.

This isn’t one of those memberships where you find yourself stumbling through a confusing training that doesn’t quite-fit your business model.

You get the picture...

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, if you’re running ads for yourself or someone else… Successful Ads Club helps you accomplish your business goals.

You don’t have to be an expert or a techie to master your own Facebook ads… it just takes a passion for growing your business one ad at a time.

Our members include:

Online Business Owners

Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Course Creators


Affiliate Marketers

Direct Sales + Network Marketers

Bloggers, Influencers and "Mediapreneurs"

Store Owners

Medical Practices Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors)

Spa Owners (Aestheticians, Day Spa, and Med Spa Owners) 

Holistic Practitioners (Healers, Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists etc.)

Service Providers (Copywriters, Designers, Developers, etc.)

Seasoned CEOs and Brilliant Professionals

Realtors and Other Sales Professionals

Our membership was founded over two and a half years ago and has since worked with 800+ members, helped over 3,147 ad campaigns & funnels, and helped generate over $9M in additional revenue for members…

Are you ready to be one of them?


Here’s What Next Level Facebook & Instagram
Ads Support Should Look Like

Plus! When you sign up for the yearly plan,
you’ll also receive these BONUSES:

Magic Spreadsheet

The Magic Ad Spreadsheet to save you countless hours and wasted spend figuring out how much time and money you should spend monthly to hit your revenue goals 

The Ultimate Facebook and Instagram Audience Bank 

The Ultimate Facebook and Instagram Audience Bank Kickstart so you can stop guessing about your audience and use our list of tried and true top-performing audiences

Time-Saving Industry Specific Copy Bank 

Time-Saving Industry Specific Copy Bank for Unstoppable Ads to shortcut your ad creation mastery.

Learn More!

When you get join Successful Ads Accelerator, you're getting the support you need to scale! Here's what's included with your investment:

Access to our easy-to-follow step by step training

Everything we have learned from spending 10's of millions on ads distilled down into a simple, easy to follow system

(7) 1:1 coaching sessions unlocked throughout the training 

ENROLL YOUR VA to implement the training for no extra cost

Copy review: Get your ad copy reviewed and improved by our staff copywriter!

Landing page reviews: Is your landing page converting at maximum potential?

Submit it and our experts will give you valuable feedback

Our complete Successful Ads Copy Bank & Canva Ad Templates,
Magic Ads Spreadsheet Tool, Audience Bank and More!
(this is how we shortcut your success so quickly!)

SUCCESSFUL ADS SYSTEM™ with quick, easy step-by-step
training to quickly learn how to do ads yourself 

You'll gain access to these valuable services and many more...

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Successful Ads Accelerator

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Here’s What Next Level Facebook & Instagram
Ads Support Should Look Like